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Manufacturing - Specialty Foam Products

Die CutHeat Seal Screen PrintGrindShape or Form
Brooklyn Products International is a leading manufacturer in polyurethane foam products.

At Brooklyn Products International, we can die cut, heat seal, screen print, grind, shape or form foam to produce a number of specialty foam products. Our manufacturing system integrates quality and customer satisfaction into every aspect of a project. View our novelty foam products at

Thermal Seal
We can thermally seal one or two pieces of foam or we can also thermally seal a textile product to a foam backer for any application.

Thermal Seal

Thermal Seal 

Custom Designs
Send us your custom design and we will have our art department produce it for silk screen printing and curing on any foam or cloth product. We offer five color printing on all foam and cloth products.

Custom Designs

Die Cuts
We can die cut in steel rule dies and shape or size fabricated foam or material. We can even produce round balls for a variety of applications from novelty items to medical products.

Die Cuts 

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171 Wamplers Lake Rd., Brooklyn, MI 49230-9585
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